What is BioCara?

BioCara Homini is a biometric service that allows integrating the use of biometric facial recognition technology to the operational and transactional processes of companies. With BioCara Homini, the facial biometric information of individuals can be managed, which can be used in processes that require strong authentication and identity validation.



  • Enrollment or Initial Registration Before using

    BioCara, users must register, this process is only done once. To register, the user must access the system and register their face through a simple and guided process that lasts approximately one minute. When BioCara works integrated into another application, it is that application that makes the BioCara enrollment requirement.

  • Use of the BioCara service

    When the client approaches to access a service such as:

    Access medical services Request credits or make disbursements Authorize financial transactions BioCara captures biometric samples through a simple and guided process. These samples are compared with those that were stored in the database during the enrollment process, if they coincide, the service or product requested by the client will be authorized.

  • Main Features

    - Administration of users, roles, alerts and notifications.
    - Administration of biometric templates
    - User and role management
    - Queries and reports module
    - Centralized and online administration
    - Online monitoring
    - Validation 1: 1 and 1: N
    - Management of checklists
    - Search for duplicates
    - Multiple biometric modalities (integration with BioHuella Homini and BioVoz Homini)
    - Native integration with BioFirma Homini (biometric electronic signature of documents)
    - Quality control of biometric samples
    - Guided enrollment and validation processes - Capture and management of client files (photos, signatures, documents, etc.)
    - Capture of biographical data, option to use 2D barcode readers
    - Property control of biometric templates
    - Storage of biometric samples in template format and images
    - Security in the transport and storage of sensitive information
    - Multiplatform: PCs, mobiles
    - Life detection mechanisms
    - Detailed log of user and operator operations
    - Database engine independence - Support for wide range of cameras.



Acces to
Medical Services




1. Cost reduction

2. Impersonation removal

3. Safer and more agile operations

4. Increased perception of trust

5. Increase in process safety

6. Password removal


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