Biometrics made simple, smarter and affordable.

Highly efficient solutions that multiply your possibilities.


Founded in 1998, Homini is an integrator and development company of advanced solutions based on biometric technologies.

Homini provides different solutions for strategic processes within companies. These solutions range from access control and time and attendance, to identity validation on transactional systems that manage finances.

Homini is constantly investigating and developing new products based on client needs.


The mission of Homini is to design, integrate, distribute and support solutions based on biometric technologies for human identification, generating security and trust for the users.

With responsibility and team work, ensuring employees of social welfare and profitability to the stockholders.


To work between the best integrators, trading and developing companies of products and services based on biometric technologies for the year 2020 in the local market and for 2025 in the Latin American market.


Quality objectives


Real time monitoring and detailed audit records of everything that happens within the system.


Solutions widely tested and debugged. Allows our clients to have a smooth and fluid operation without any setbacks.


We use security standards like public key cryptographic systems and digital signing to secure all processes.


Designed for small, medium or large scale operations. Designed for high transactional loads.

Ease of use

Intuitive and easy to use interfaces, which reduces the learning curve.


By implementing our solutions, the user reduces the operational cost, slack time, decreases any internal and external fraud, increases the security perception and improves client service.


Easy integration with existing applications. You don´t have to be a biometric expert to do it.

Value Offer
1 .
Satisfy the client’s needs.
2 .
Deliver products of quality, according to their functionality and stability to the clients.
3 .
Ensure the quality in the planning process, implementation process and improving in each process.
Quality Policy

Homini S.A. is committed to satisfying the needs of customers in applications based on biometric technologies, meeting the agreed requirements and guaranteeing continuous improvement, protection and promotion of the health of workers, ensuring their physical integrity, avoiding work accidents, occupational diseases and compliance with applicable legal requirements

Our team

Víctor M.


John J.


Luz Adriana


David Ayala